Följande regler gäller på servern:
1. Camping as the attacking team is not allowed. Follow the objectives.
2. Intentional killing, hurting or flashing of teammates is of course strictly forbidden. Players who does not do it on purpose, but by mistake often kills/hurts/flashes his teammates will also be kicked/banned.
3. Cheating is forbidden and so is accusing other players of cheating. If you suspect a player of cheating, note his WON, record a demo and contact an admin. Players accusing other players in-game will be kicked.
4. Do not whine when you get owned.
5. Do not call people n00bs when you own them.
6. Do not act lame in any way.
7. Disrespect Admin = KICK
8. Playing with a offending nick = KICK
9. Ignorig the objectives of the map = KICK
10. Bad language = KICK
11. OZZY Rules!